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Next January 24th the screening of finalist short films of this sixth edition Animacam Online Animation Short Film Festival will take place at the Contemporary Art Museum MAC Gas Natural Fenosa of A Coruña, Spain.

The exhibition includes a total of 50 magnificent short films produced in 33 different countries of the world and made between 2015 and 2016. Among them there are films awarded and nominated films in the best festivals worldwide, such as Annécy, Animamundo or Goya.

The screenings are divided in 8 sessions along January 24th, 25th and 26th, where the audience will have an important rol, as they will be able to participate in the Audience Award with his votes, as well as the online followers.

The Festival kicks off powerfully the first day

The programme for January 24th , which will have 3 sessions from 6pm to 9pm, will be amazing for all the animations lovers. Comedy, drama and adventures of high artistic and narrative quality will be responsible to make the audience enjoy:

1st Session: Tuesday 24, from 18:00h to 19:00h

Bango Vasil (2016), is a Bulgarian-German production film directed by Milen Vitanov, a creator with already four animated films behind him and with numerous international awards to support his work. This year we present a piece of less than about 9 minutes of a comical and childish tone in which is told the story of an unexpected and different New Year. The journey of two children on the shoulders of a giant and the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Oripeaux (2015), a French film that could be defined as a drama is directed by Mathias de Panafieu and Sonia Gerbeaud. Oripeaux offers us during its ten minutes a history that takes us to a remote village, where a girl attends coyotes, however the villagers who do not see this with good eyes put an end to the relationship without knowing the revolution that awaits them .

Le Sentier (2016), is another film made in France, however, Le Sentier, directed by Bhopal, is a very different work to the previous one, since it is a piece that could be defined as an animated documentary in which Personal photographs become paintings, their scents, their atmospheres … Memories that mark the way of life.

What A Bear Dreams About (2015), is a film of Belarusian origin directed and produced by Ruslan Sinkevich, which lasts a little more than six minutes, we can convey his comic tone with a fun and magical story about people who attempted to wake a bear that was asleep, which had stolen the sun and delayed the arrival of spring.

Tühi Ruum (2016), directed by the renowned Estonian director Ülo Pikkov, director of 12 other films, in this one, of the drama genre, he gives us a curious vision of the world. The film is a kind of documentary based on a long dream that was kept alive for a long time and finally becomes reality.

A Man Called Man (2015), directed and produced by Guy Charnaux, this film deals with the themes of family, love, violence and death. The ridiculousness of a western in a few words.

2nd Session: Tuesday 24, from 19:00h to 20:00h

Dad’s Fragile Doll (2016), directed and produced by Iranian filmmaker Ali Zare Ghanatnowi, this film is a quarter-hour drama that tells a harsh and star-studded story of a girl rebuilding her father’s imprisonment and execution with dolls that his mother gave him and takes revenge.

Tavsan Kani (2016), work done in the United States by Yagmur Altman, is thematically the opposite of the previous piece, a story of adventures designed for a teenage audience and that is based on a plot that we could call as minimalist since it simply consists an ordinary day in a country house in Turkey where its residents have an original way of drinking tea.

Where Flowers Once Grew (2015), also from the United States comes this film by Gabrielle Ray, in this drama of less than 5 minutes we are introduced to an old woman lives alone. When she realizes that life no longer makes sense to her, she has to make a transcendental decision.

Birdy Wouaf Wouaf (2016), French film made by the Turkish director Ayce Kartal, also director of two other animated films. In this comedy created in tribute to the French magazine Charlie Hebdo presents a metaphor of freedom of expression telling us the story of Birdy, a lovely bird spoiled by his family who, when it starts to bark, is despised by his father.

The Edge (2016), film made by Alexandra Averyanova in Russia, its theme is melodrama designed for a children’s audience. It is carried out by an old woman lives in a small station, where the only event of its day to day is the train that passes by its station without stopping.

3rd Session: Tuesday 24, from 20:00h to 21:00h

Kovbojsko (2015), this Slovenian comedy-westerned by the young animator David Stumpf presents a plot in which according to Wild West law, thieves must be punished, but when the sheriff’s horse breaks, it is difficult to predict what’s going on.

Comeback Woole (2016), this Indian film directed and produced by animator Sumanta Ghosh is a drama that presents us with a curious story of a girl on the placenta watches how her mother imagines and draws on her sweater that in fact it is a child .

The Junebugs (2016), small piece that arrives to us from the United States where Chris Kelly is inspired by the poem of Steve Scafidi “The Junebugs” to bring us this curious drama.

The Pride Of Strathmoor (2015), directed and produced by internationally acclaimed animator Einar Baldvin, who in 10 minutes shows us extracts from Pastor John Deitman’s newspaper, Strathmoor, Georgia. June and July 1927.

Amélia & Duarte (2016), this Portuguese / German co-production is directed by Monica Santos and Alice Guimaraes and tells us that two unloving people try to deal with the feelings that come once the relationship is over.

Grounded (2016), a film that comes from France and tells the story of an inexperienced soldier is sent to a lookout in the middle of the desert. This drama has been directed by Lucas Durkheim.

Bat Time (2016), German film by Elena Walf. When night falls on the farm a small vampire wakes up. He does not want to be alone and is looking for a friend. An entertaining adventure story presented in less than five minutes.

Party (2016), produced and directed by Bárány Dániel, this film introduces us to a party that begins with people drinking and chatting but after several drinks, emotions overflow.

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