Animacam at MAC A Coruña (II)

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We continue with the programme we have prepared for this Animacam edition at the Contemporary Art Museum Gas Natural Fenosa in A Coruña.

Three sessions will take place on Wednesday 25 from 6pm to 9pm. The films screened are really delightful and open to all publics. As the first day, the programme is results original and assorted, including comedies, dramas and adventures created by some of the best animators in the world.

4th Session: Wednesday 25, from 18:00h to 19:00h

The Girl and the Sun (2015), Ukrainian film directed by Olena Potyomkina. This drama of almost 18 minutes of duration tells us an original story starring a girl and the sun: her neighbor and her best friend.

The Mechanical Waltz (2015), presented by the Belgian animator Julien Dykmans, is a 3D animated story about puppets living in a totalitarian world. They are destined to develop the same routine day after day, controlled by their masters.

La nit de l ‘ocea (2015), Spanish film by María Lorenzo Hernández, of the horror genre, tells us something sinister that is hidden in a beautiful dreamlike coastal landscape where an artist spends his holidays.

Taking Flight (2015), this American film by animator and special effects technician, Oscar winner Brandon Oldenburg, tells a story of adventure inspired by the life of Antonio Pasin, inventor of the company Radio Flyer, Taking Flight narrates the Incredible adventures of a child and his grandfather.

5th Session: Wednesday 25, from 19:00h to 20:00h

Tis (2016), tells the story of a silhouette drawn on paper that manages to get rid of him. It is a 3D animation by French animator Chloë Lesueur.

Erlkönig (2015), arrives from Switzerland and has been directed by the winner of several international awards Georges Schwizgebel. In this musical a father and his son ride on horseback through the forest. The child, ill, believes that he has seen Erlking, who attracts and frightens him.

Innerviews (2015), Israeli film produced and directed by animator Chen Winner. The film plays with music to reflect the tension present between the visible and invisible layers of an image.

Between Bar (2016), this film is a small drama that comes from Germany and was made by Pauline Flory.

FRES-BOI (2016), a lost Eskimo arrives at an abandoned arctic base and makes a great discovery. It is the story of FRES-BOI, a stop-motion animation of the Spanish directors Cristina Vilches Animation and Canonical Dove.

Omulan! (2015), comedy that comes from Romania. It is the work of Matei Branea. Omulan travels through space in search of God in a deep universal history full of creatures, sex and alcohol.

6th Session: Wednesday 25, from 20:00h to 21:00h

Ensamheten (2016), is an Estonian-Italian co-production in 3D directed by Nicola Piovesan. It counts the trip of a sad robot and its flying mascot by different worlds.

Laces (2015), is the allegorical story of a cord that comes alive and is interested in its other end, not knowing that it is. It is a 3D animation by the Ukrainian Oleg Fedchenko.

I Said I Would Never Talk About Politics (2015), is the title of the macabre short film in 2D animation of the Spanish Aitor Oñederra, a crude and dark portrait of the current political situation carried out by Don Mariano who attends a famous restaurant whose specialty is the Red meat and quality, low in fat and cholesterol.

The Garden of Delights (2016), is a Mexican film of the fantastic genre by Alejandro García. In the garden of delights, a visitor to the underworld discovers that color and madness will be the ingredients to create his universe.

An Ordinary Blue Monday (2015), in this film the South African animator Naomi Van Niekerk shows us, through the routine of a girl, a dark reflection on all types of violence.

Perched (2016), an old man angry at the world lives balancing on top of a mountain, until a seagull comes to bother him. It’s the story of ‘Perched’, the short film by British animator Liam Harris. A nice 2D animation that will make anyone smile.

Beer By C. Bukowsky (2016), is a 2D animated short film directed by Italian producer Nerdo Creative Studio. It shows the decadence and loneliness of a man torn apart. It is inspired by the work of the same name by Charles Bukowsky.

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On Thursday 26, the two last sessions of this Animacam edition will take place at the Contemporary Art Museum MAC Gas Natural Fenosa in A Coruña. The programme for this day will mean the best end for this sixth edition

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