Interview with Julien Dykmans

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Hello everyone! This edition of Animacam may already be over, but our love of animated films lasts 365 days a year. We had the opportunity to have a little chat with Animacam’s sixth edition Audience Award winner, Julien Dykmans, director

Animacam closes the Official Section of this 6th Edition

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From the Animacam Team we would like to tell you we feel deeply grateful for the reception and receivement got by all the director, producers, distributors and, of course, the fans. It’s been a very special edition in which we’ve tried

Animacam at MAC A Coruña (III)

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On Thursday 26, the two last sessions of this Animacam edition will take place at the Contemporary Art Museum MAC Gas Natural Fenosa in A Coruña. The programme for this day will mean the best end for this sixth edition

Animacam at MAC A Coruña (II)

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We continue with the programme we have prepared for this Animacam edition at the Contemporary Art Museum Gas Natural Fenosa in A Coruña. Three sessions will take place on Wednesday 25 from 6pm to 9pm. The films screened are really

Animacam at MAC A Coruña (I)

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Next January 24th the screening of finalist short films of this sixth edition Animacam Online Animation Short Film Festival will take place at the Contemporary Art Museum MAC Gas Natural Fenosa of A Coruña, Spain. The exhibition includes a total

Finalists of 6th Edition Animacam Festival

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  Animacam has the pleasure to announce the selection of the 50 finalist films for its 6th edition. THANKS A LOT to all the participants, directors and producers who have submitted their films from more than 50 countries around the world.

The beginnings of animation: Segundo de Chomón

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Segundo Víctor Aurelio Chomón y Ruiz (Teruel, 1871 – Paris, 1929), better known under the name of Segundo de Chomón, was a Spanish filmmaker who despite being a figure relatively forgotten by history must be considered as a pioneer in

Animation is not just for kids: Rick & Morty

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There is a topic that animation is an audiovisual genre mainly intended for a children’s audience, and yet throughout history there have been numerous examples that this does not have to be so. Without further afield, on today’s television, leaving

Claire Parker

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A few days ago, we talked about Émile Reynaud and James Stuart Blackton, fathers of animation, but today we wanna mention another leading figure in this field. She belongs to the other side, the side of the forgotten. We are talking

The beginnings of animation: James Stuart Blackton

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James Stuart Blackton (Sheffield, 1875 – Hollywood, 1945) was a director and producer of silent films. He founded the Vitagraph Studios and is considered the father of American animation. He began his professional career as an illustrator for the New