The beginnings of animation: Segundo de Chomón

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Segundo Víctor Aurelio Chomón y Ruiz (Teruel, 1871 – Paris, 1929), better known under the name of Segundo de Chomón, was a Spanish filmmaker who despite being a figure relatively forgotten by history must be considered as a pioneer in

Animation is not just for kids: Rick & Morty

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There is a topic that animation is an audiovisual genre mainly intended for a children’s audience, and yet throughout history there have been numerous examples that this does not have to be so. Without further afield, on today’s television, leaving

The beginnings of animation: James Stuart Blackton

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James Stuart Blackton (Sheffield, 1875 – Hollywood, 1945) was a director and producer of silent films. He founded the Vitagraph Studios and is considered the father of American animation. He began his professional career as an illustrator for the New

Animation and music videos

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In the previous editions of Animacam we received a lot of music videos, and this year we are not falling behind. Using animation techniques in music videos is not uncommon, and today we invite you to take a look at

The beginnings of animation: Émile Reynaud

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Before taking a look at the best animation of today in this VI edition of Animacam, we want to propose you to take a look back, specifically to the beginnings of the animation in a series of posts that we

6th Edition Animacam homage. Miguelanxo Prado

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“In every process of Artistic Creation there is an essential moment of Obsession, the absolute Conviction in whatever you are doing, and, something that amazes me, the inevitable engagement of Chance”.  Miguelanxo Prado   With you Miguelanxo, this 6th Edition

Opening of submission of films

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We want to tell you Animacam, the first online animation festival, is back for its 6th Edition and the period of submission of short films is now open until 30th December 2016. Our love for this genre is unbroken and,

Welcome to 6th Edition Animacam Festival!

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Dear friends! Hello to everyone Animacam Online Animation Film Festival 6th Edition 2017 is back after two years off and we sure that, with your participation, as always, this is going to be a great edition. Once again we have the