Traces of my chalks (II). Decade 80 (XX century)

Traces of my chalks (II). Decade 80 (XX century)

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”Reserva Natural”. Portada propuesta (y rechazada) para la revista “1984”. Fue utilizada como cubierta de la primera edición de “Fragmentos de la Enciclopedia Délfica”. Acrílico y óleo sobre cartón de dibujo. 1984.

Nature reserve; cover offered (and refused) for the magazine 1984. It was used as the cover of the 1st edition of Fragments of the Encyclopedia of Dolphins. / Acrylic and oil on drawing cardboard (1984.)




«Dream with blackbirds». I admired then (I admire yet) Jeff Jones. Inks and gouche s/ paper, 38×54 cm (1980).


”La oposición”. Tinta y anilinas. “Mi primera historia publicada en color. Las influencias de Bilal en el dibujo y de Juan Jiménez en el color son evidentes. La historia está dedicada a Suso Peña, un amigo que me ayudó y animó, en aquellos primeros momentos”.

(Lit. The Opposition) La Oposición-1 / Ink and anilines. My first story published in colour. Both the Bilal?s influence upon the drawing and the Juan Gimenezs influence upon the colour are clear.



This was my first “professional” work, in other words; the first one I was paid for. The scripts are by Tino Maceiras, and it was published in strips in the newspaper La Voz de Galicia. The compilation was published in 2008 in both Spanish and Galician versions by the publishing company El Patito Editorial. No expert is needed to see the reference to Axterix, and the Moebius and Bilal´s influences on the scratches processing.




1982-1983 This was my first book. Initially published by chapters in the magazine 1984; the narration propounds a hypothetical mankind´s story in the next 10,000 years, which is controlled by the apparent principle that the human beings evolution continues in spite of the tremendous mistakes that they constantly -and drastically- make. Curiosity: There are two characters (full-lenght and very visible) drawn by Daspastoras in a frame of the first chapter.




Stratos was my second book. It was published by chapters in the magazine Zona84. It is about a tragicomic reflection, apparently science-fiction. deals with our society´s most ridiculous aspects; which are marked by capitalism, consumerism, and social strata. I had  the honour to have the book prefaced by X.L.Méndez Ferrín.




Incongruous reports  was my third book (after Fragments of the Encyclopedia of Dolphins and Stratos) and it meant my first raid in humour, but for one of the seven comic strips. It somehow can be considered the germ of Daily Delirium




The eight stories that make this book up are as many variations regarding tangential, imperfect, and limited sentimental relationships that come to their end. Artists, civil servants, professionals, politicians… people belonging to more or less well-off social strata for whom these relationships end up meaning a conflict of own interests; and who, in the end, don´t know how to keep them -or don´t want to.




I had been making comics for 7 years, always with my own scripts (but for the beginner short collaboration with Tino Fernández Maceiras in Los Compañeros de la Orden de la Piedra.) And I wondered if that was a personal “pure ” option or if, maybe, it was disguising an inability to tell through images other´s stories. And I decided to have a try. I had been listening to Tris, tras, tres, an unclassifiable night program of the mythical Radio 3 from the end of the 80s by Carlos Faraco and Fernando Luna; since my architecture student days. There were some tiny touches, short stories; some of which were starred by Manuel Montano, a bizarre detective, and his group of friends and known people from the underworld. I was at an advantage, as, without realizing myself, I had been developing a version of the character and his world in my head throughout all those years. One night at 3 AM, once the program had finished, I called and proposed Fernando Luna, Nano, to turn Montano and his mates into characters of a comic. It was a funny and fluent collaboration. The result was this book, and a long and close friendship.




The stories of Daily Delirium were initially published in the magazine El Jueves in the course of several years. They had been gathered together in successive books and, now, they have been compiled in this comprehensive edition. Many of these stories have personally happened to me, or to friends or relatives. I sometimes have exaggerated the ending a little… but not that much.

The eighties mark a final before and an after on the Author´s work.


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